Turnitin is a web-based plagiarism prevention system that enables faculty and students to detect and avoid plagiarism in their academic work. At APU, the system is available for all lecturers to create class assignments and enrol students into Turnitin.

Instructors can enrol students themselves (recommended) or ask students to enrol on their own by providing class ID and enrolment password for the class.

(For Students: The library does not provide Turnitin account to students. Your instructor will either enrol you or will provide you Turnitin class ID and enrolment password to register).

Faculty members can email the account administrators, Ms. Atiyah or Ms. Shamalah for access to Turnitin. Once added to APU account, faculty members will receive an activation email from Turnitin with login instructions.

If you forget your password, use the retrieve password link from Turnitin website.

Turnitin Guide

Training guides from Turnitin for instructors and students.
Turnitin Flowchart

Turnitin Training Guide – Instructors

Turnitin Training Guide – Students

Online training provided by Turnitin throughout the year – http://go.turnitin.com/training/live

Training videos specifically for Instructors and students: