Searching Library Items

Searching Library Item using WebOPAC.

WebOPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) is an online catalogue of library’s collection of books, CDs, DVDs, Final Year Project, Thesis and other resources. The WebOPAC is used to find information such as the call number, location, status and type of materials that is available in the library.

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Reservations of Library Items

Reservations of Library Items (Place Hold)

Reservations can also be made online. You will need to enter your Webspace User ID and Password.
Library members can reserve up to 2 books at any one time.
Reservations will be purged 3 days after an item has been assigned to a member.
Members can check for the reservation details at the library counter or from the library website.
Email notices will be sent to APU / APIIT webmail accounts informing members when reserved books are ready for collection.

·         You can reserve a book if:
§ It’s currently on loan to another user
§ No other copies were available.
§ You haven’t accumulated fines of RM25 or more in your library web account
§ Your library account has not expired or withdraw.

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Renewing Library Items

Renewing Library Items

Members can renew items online by accessing the Library Homepage or renewed manually through the library Circulation Counter.

1. Circulation Counter
Ø Bring along the library item/s and request the staff at the counter to renew for you.
Ø Please ensure that the due-date is updated on the slip inside the book.

2. Online (APU Library Website)
Ø Click >>Here to get the full step on how to Renew item Online.

Item cannot be renewed if:
• Reached the maximum renewal limit (2) for that item.
• Item has been reserved/ On Hold by another user.
• Outstanding charge reaches RM 25.00).

Items renewal limits as below:

Type of Material Renewal Limit
Open-Stack (No Tag)
(For students and staff)
2 times*
Yellow-tagged books
(For students and staff)
2 times*
Red tagged books
(For students and staff)
No renewals
Green-tagged books
(For students and staff)
No renewals

The borrowers are responsible for keeping track of the due dates for returning or renewing library items irrespective of whether courtesy notices are sent or not.


Checking Accumulated Fines

Checking Accumulated Fines

Like any other academic library, for every borrowed item that’s being returned late, we will charge fines. However, the rate of fines is different for some category. This encourages prompt return and maintains efficient access for the other patron towards the resources.

Type of MaterialRates of Fines
Open-Stack (No Tag)RM 0.40 per day
Yellow-tagged books RM1.00 per day
Red-tagged booksRM3.00 per day
Green Tagged booksRM 0.40 per day

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