APU Library uses the Library of Congress classification system, and books are grouped together on the shelves according to their subject area. There are 21 main Subject areas in Library of Congress classification system.

Library of Congress Classification

Library of Congress Classification

AGeneral Works
BPhilosophy, Psychology, Religion
CAuxiliary Sciences Of History
D History (General) And History Of Europe
EHistory: America (National)
FHistory: America (Local)
GGeography. Anthropology. Recreation
HSocial Sciences
JPolitical Science
MMusic And Books On Music
NFine Arts
PLanguage And Literature
UMilitary Science
VNaval Science
ZBibliography. Library Science. Information Resources (General)

At APU Library, call numbers generally have three lines. Subject heading, as indicated on the first line of the call number (spine label), play a major role in the location of items on the shelf.

Complete call numbers (spine labels) represent the following as indicated in the examples below.

QA76.7 [Subject]
.S36 [Author]
1994 [Year of Publication]
QA445 [Subject]
.B73 [Author]
1997 [Year of Publication]

The subject areas have subclasses, represented by letters.

The subclasses can be further divided into topics and subtopics which are represented by numbers.

For example, the subject classification code QA76.7 in the example above means

  • Q Science
  • QA Mathematics
  • 76 Electronic computers
  • .7 Programming Languages