Accession No.20210414
TitleDevelopment of a process for migration of data from Relational to Non-Relational Database.
Authors/Creators Fahad Noor (TP049907)

The research highlights three problems of Non-Relational databases which are affecting organizations and how these flaws are effecting the developers and indirectly software quality. Firstly, it focuses on issues faced by developers while adopting Non-Relational databases in terms of extra efforts they need to give while development of information systems or applications. Secondly, how developers put extra effort to overcome security loop holes on application level. Lastly, the migration process which is the major concern of this research so author’s main motive is to come up with the best possible process that can contribute in present researches and also assist developers in future in migration of data from relational to non-relational databases (MongoDB).

In study, the quality of software is directly related to three factors (i) developers easiness in adopting any new technology, (ii) how much the software and its database is secure, and (iii) mainly the quality of data a particular system has and the quality of the data can be compromised due to less secure database and secondly due to inefficient way of data migrations from legacy system’s database to new database. Now a days, Non-Relational Databases are in trend because of its high performance and cost effectiveness. Therefore keeping the requirements of present era organizations needs for its huge amount of data the author has proposed a Data Migration Process from Relational Databases to Non-Relational Databases. Additionally, author has provided practicing suggestions for implementation of the proposed data migration process utilizing Agile Methodology and SDLC stages. The ultimate goal of this study is to propose a quality data migration process based on MongoDB’s structure, because it is one of highly adopted document-based Non-Relational Database.

SupervisorDhason Padmakumar
InstitutionAsia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation (APU)
SchoolGraduate School of Technology
No. of pages68
Date typeSubmission
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A thesis submitted in fulfillment of the requirement of Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation for the award of the degree of MSc. in Software Engineering (UCMF1808SE).

  • - Database design
  • Technology (General)

Database ; Relational ; Non-Relational ; Software ; Development ; Data ; NoSQL Data Migration ; NoSQL Security Issues ; NoSQL Reliability Issues ; NoSQL Reliability Techniques ; MongoDB (Computer software) ; Data migration.

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