Accession No.20210402
FormatUndergraduate FYP
TitleStudent online survey portal web-based system.
Authors/Creators Daniel Calida (TP046999)

Currently, majority of people are circulating online survey in order to do research or gathering data. Especially for students in the university, they are close enough with online survey during project development. Online survey must be shared to the and the target user will be answering the questions in the online survey. This situation has disadvantages where the authors sometimes will not get positive response rate. However, it depends on the quality and deliverables of the online survey as well but the rate of time towards the responses is not efficient.

Therefore, the proposed project which help in overcoming all the inefficient time waiting for the response and improve the rate of online survey response. This project will produce a web-based system for online survey for those who want to increase efficiency time and response rate in data gathering. The user must create an account in order to upload online survey file as user and allow the user to the incentives.

SupervisorSyed Mohd Zahid Syed Zainal Ariffin
InstitutionAsia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation (APU)
SchoolSchool of Technology
No. of pages110
Date typeSubmission
RefereedYes, this version has been refereed
Additional Information

A project submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements of Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation for the degree of BSc. (Hons) Business Information Technology (APT3F1911BIT).

  • Technology (General)

Online survey ; Operating system ; Web development life cycle ; WDLC ; Database management system ; Web server ; Web browser.

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